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Looong-winded question.

Well, I suppose this should be a question for a jazz community, but it's very cartoon-specific. Does anyone remember the cartoon with the little owl who wanted to sing jazz, but his parents wouldn't let him, so he ran away from home and sang on a radio show? I recently heard a Cab Calloway/Al Jolson duet of I Love to Singa, and now that I think of that cartoon I saw so many times as a child, I'm thinking his voice was more like Cab's. But the character's name was Owl Jolson, wasn't it? It's been so long since I've actually seen it. Does anyone know on whose persona the little singing owl was based?
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I think that, in spite of the voice, it is supposed to be Al Jolson because of the name Owl Jolson. Also the entire cartoon is basically based on Jolson's "The Jazz Singer".

Before Warner Bros. had assembled real cartoon stars like Porky and Daffy it seems like a lot of the cartoons were centered around songs they hoped would become hits. Like "I Haven't Got A Hat".
I'm not a member, but found this question and hope this helps. The owl's name was "Owl Jolson." The name of the cartoon was "I Love to Singa." It's available on YouTube. Here's the link. http://www.youtube.com/v/a8imoZpwREs&hl=en
Lurch Poiuyt says:

Actually, back in the early to mid '30s,
only the Merrie Melodies were completely
music oriented... and back in the '30s,
they were the only WB produced cartoons
in color. (the first color cartoons coming
out in 1933... with full technicolor by 1936)

The Looney Tunes series were in black and white,
(and a lot of them were colorized many years later)
all the way up to the early '40s, and featured
whatever star character they had... Bosko from 1930 to
1933, Buddy (really) from 1933 to 1935,
the characters from "I Haven't Got A Hat"
(including an early Porky) 1935 to 1936
with Porky taking over from 1936 to around 1943,
when the last black and white Looney Tunes
were being made... after 1943, there
was really no difference between the
two series. Also, if you saw any pre '43
cartoons with Bugs Bunny, you'll notice
that his cartoons were always Merrie Melodies.
(but by then, Merrie Melodies weren't
completely music oriented... the main
difference was a bigger budget)