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Tell Shout! Factory to Release all episodes of C.O.P.S. on DVD -- SIGN IT

Hello, everyone. I'm crazyharp81602 and I'm new to this part of the live journal. I joined this journal because I want to tell everyone that I'm having a petition drive to release all episodes of C.O.P.S. on DVD. And I don't mean the live action version of COPS, but the animated cartoon show that featured Bulletproof, LongArm Mainframe, Big Boss, Dr. BadVibes, Berserko, Mace, Nightshade, and many others. To those of you who don't remember the show, let me refresh.

C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) is a late 80s' animated series that aired between 1988 and 1989, which is the subject of my fan fics and my collection of fan art featuring the characters I've mentioned above. Here's a wiki article that tells all about the series,

C.O.P.S. WIKI Article

Thus far, Shout Factory has released the first 22 episodes of the series on DVD, but seeing only 22 episodes while there's in fact 65 episodes and one lost episode The Case of The Boy Nobody Wanted out there is not enough. It is better to see all the episodes than a few handfuls, don't you think?

Here's the page from Shout Factory that has the DVD up for sale.

C.O.P.S. Page From Shout Factory

Unfortunately Shout! Factory have decided to not release the rest because of poor sales, which I find to me inexcusable. Shout must release all C.O.P.S. episodes on DVD and I need all of your help to accomplish this goal.

About a year ago, I made up a petition to release all episodes on DVD and have tried to spread the word all over the internet about it in every which way I can only to get major setbacks, drawbacks, and a tiny trickle of signatures added to it (Please don't tell me online petitions won't work because Shout does pay attention to petitions, whether it's online or hand written, to see how many people would like to relive all the times of watching classic shows such as C.O.P.S. for instance and respond to them). I totally hate it when it happens and right now I'm getting real tired of all sorts of obstacles standing in my way, the setbacks, the drawbacks, the stumbling blocks, dead ends, forks in the road, and seemingly little or no responses whatsoever. Every pleading I made fall seems to fall on blind eyes, let alone deaf ears. And I'm getting really desperate here finding a lot of people who are willing to sign the petition. That's why I'm posting this to beg and plead with you all to sign the petition to release all 66 episodes, including the lost episode, on DVD. It doesn't matter whether you not heard of the show before, forgotten the show, or fondly remember the show. All I need is help in adding 5,000 signatures to my petition to release all episodes on one huge 12 CD boxset and on 3 separate 22 episode boxsets. That should be enough to convince shout factory that we want all C.O.P.S. be released on DVD.

 UPDATE: The deadline is now extended to March 28th All I want from you is full participation and support in reaching my goal of 5,000 signatures added to this petition,

Sign it here!

That's all I ask of you, please support the cause, spread the word about it, and sign the petition to release all episodes of C.O.P.S. on DVD!
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