Takara/Kokoro (mage13) wrote in vintagecartoons,

old movie

 I was wondering if anyone could please help me figure out the title to a movie I saw when I was 3 years old.

It was an animated movie and the animation was a bit like The Hobbit, or The Last Unicorn,  It is not Disney or Don Bluth or Looney toons.

I saw it in the 80's in a kids summer camp but it's possible that it was made in the 70's and the theater just had it playing for a summer mantina. Much like now you might see Toy Story, or Tarzan playing in a theater for a summer camp.

it seemed to take place in acient japan, china, or Inda, the characters all had pale white skin, almond shaped eyes, and black hair,

The key things I remember are There was a poor boy much like aladin, but I dont think it was aladin, i dont remember a genie.

There is a young girl that was either a princess or something like a princess,

There was an evil socerer (Not jafar but like him) and he commanded these rock looking soldiers.

There was this old man that had some sort of powers with his eyes. The characters would look into them and they would see their future or what he saw. One main scene i remember is he is looking at the destruction caused by the evil guys minions and he shakes his head sadly and says "How can they see if they don't look into my eyes?"

The other scene i remember is all three of them (the boy, the girl, and the old man0 in the forest and i think they had a magickal table cloth that gave food. Also I remember the girl asking the boy if he was alright.

please help me find the name of this movie.
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